Four Trend-Proof Tips For Persuasive Marketing Messages

Just when you think you know how to play the marketing game, someone changes the rules. Technology, marketing strategy and human response constantly evolve. Some bedrock tactics, however, have never faltered, providing a firm foundation for success regardless of changing trends. Here are four of our favorites.

Make Your Copy Pay Off Your Headline. Five times as many people read headlines as read body copy, so crafting an attention getter headline significantly increases the chances of achieving your goal. But not if you fail to deliver on its promises. If your header says “Get the GPS That Avoids Traffic Jams,” the copy should spell out the who, what, where and how of a navigational device that helps you steer clear of traffic. If it doesn’t, you’ve duped the reader. They will hold it against you.

Be Conversational. Using technical jargon, unfamiliar words, acronyms, and excessive punctuation are all ways to give your prospect a reason to tune out. In most situations, writing the way people talk will greatly improve readability, credibility and engagement. Good Example: “Try This Quick Way To Break Up A Cold.” Bad Example: “Eradicate Upper Respiratory Infection With This Accelerated FDA-Approval-Pending Treatment Methodology.”

Speak The Language of “You.” Avoid the temptation to talk about the phenomenal achievements of your company or the great features of its products or services. Instead, focus on all the ways prospects can benefit from those products or services. Speaking the engaging language of “you” means not yammering in the overbearing language of “we”. To get potential customers to hear and see the value of a message, talk about their hopes, needs, wants and goals … and how they can fulfill them.

Tap Testimonials. When possible, get quotes from satisfied customers to include in your digital and print materials. Testimonials derive their power from the true-to-life validation of real people sharing favorable opinions and firsthand experiences. Because of their personal nature, these comments make the most popular aspects of what you have to offer come alive in a way that jumps off the page. Using the actual words of existing customers will make a strong impression on potential customers.

We’re all fascinated with the latest marketing approaches, but don’t neglect to give these trend-resistant methods a prominent place in your repertoire. They’ve stood the test of time because of one common denominator: The ability to cut through clutter and make meaningful connections that get your messages heard and prospects motivated.

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