Earn Your Client’s Business Every Day

Many of you may recall reading this article in the most recent AdServices newsletter. We have decided to feature it as our latest blog post, based on the importance of the topic.

The loyalty and support of established clients ensure the continued success of the company to which they have entrusted their business. This principle is so obvious it is often overlooked. Our corporate responsibility therefore, is to safeguard the trust and confidence customers have placed in us by following some basic guidelines…

  • Guard Against Complacency: In some cases, an excellent client relationship could lead to a false sense of security. Personal friendships may develop between your team and the customer. Of course that bond should be nurtured. But the employee must never forget his/her business responsibilities or lose that “edge to impress” one feels when a new customer comes on board. Encourage your employees to always go that extra mile.
  • Lead By Example: If you are a manager in your company, let your staff appreciate the genuine dedication, enthusiasm and gratitude you feel for the clients that keep the doors open.  It starts at the top!
  • Stay Passionate: Do a good job of leading by example and your staff will develop a passion to excel in customer service, not because they have to, but because they want to. There is a true story about an account executive who got in a car accident on the turnpike while driving to a press check. The first call he made was to the insurance company, the second call was to his office to send another associate to the printing company and the third call was to the client for whom he was conducting the press check, with a problem/solution scenario.
  • Be Accountable: If a deadline cannot be met on the promised day, the client should be notified as quickly as possible with the facts (not excuses) and an action plan. Do not wait for the customer to call your office asking for a status update.  By assuming this proactive stance, you have defused a potentially frustrating situation and earned the client’s trust and respect.
  • Commend Your Staff On A Job Well Done: When a client compliments one of your associates, by all means share that comment with the individual and the entire staff.  Personal recognition goes a long way towards motivating positive job performance.

Being attentive to the other party is the simple secret behind any successful relationship. We must constantly be on guard not to overlook this obvious principle in our professional or personal lives.

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