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Distribution Channel Marketing

Partnering with clients to move products and services from supplier to end user. And understanding each step in the process.

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Getting products and services through the channel from supplier to end user involves many steps involving diverse mindsets. We understand the unique aspects of each one, and how to leverage them to create a win-win-win-win … for the manufacturer, distributor, dealer / retailer, and consumer. So, if your company sells through the distribution channel, you owe it to yourself to speak to someone who’s pushed literally hundreds of millions of dollars from one end to the other.

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Our Expertise

  • A manufacturer in central Texas wants to sell its products nationwide. Priority one is establishing a distributor network. But why would an IWD partner with this line instead of its competitor?
  • A distributor in the southeast U.S. just signed an agreement with a factory rep. Next step? Build a dealer base. Easier said than done.
  • A retailer is deciding how much shelf space to devote to a certain product, while a commissioned retail salesperson in the same plaza explains the features and benefits of  one make of TV over another. Across town an air conditioning dealer is pondering which brand to pitch at Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner’s kitchen table.
  • A consumer reaches for her credit card. This simple act controls the entire channel.

Manufacturer to distributor. Distributor to dealer. Dealer to consumer. Each phase involves specific objectives, unique messaging, and deep understanding. What’s more, the steps are interconnected. Which is why you want a marketing agency that knows distribution. Call AdServices today. Let’s talk.


Every situation is unique, so the best way to understand what we do is to call and talk shop for a few minutes. In the meantime, here are a few services we offer within the channel.

  • Factory to distributor presentation assets promoting benefits of partnering with the brand.
  • Complete advertising and media plans to generate brand awareness among consumers.
  • Corporate identification style sheets and creative guidelines to maintain brand integrity.
  • Manufacturer-authorized creative templates for all advertising media for use by dealer / retailer.
  • Develop and enforce distribution and dealer co-op regulations and compliance.
  • Product assets for use by the dealer / retailer in direct sales situations.
  • Thorough understanding of conventional and web-based marketing techniques.
  • Full service marketing and advertising efforts to build and retain the dealer base.
  • Distributor to dealer / retailer presentation assets promoting benefits of partnering with the brand and the distributor.
  • Local Marketing Group and Ad Club coordination and execution including conception, planning, negotiation, dealer / retailer roll out, sign up assistance, execution, ongoing communication to all levels, reporting, etc.
  • Assistance with use of manufacturer co-op funds through the dealer / retailer network.
  • Consulting with distributor sales force to enhance their marketing and advertising expertise.
  • Marketing and advertising training seminars for distributor sales force and the dealer / retailer.
  • Ongoing communication between distributor and dealer / retailer to maintain mindshare.
  • Thorough understanding of conventional and web-based marketing techniques
  • Full service marketing and advertising efforts including complete ad campaigns in all media.
  • Development of the dealer / retailer’s market presence in line with the overall philosophy of the manufacturer’s brand.
  • Design and creation of marketing material of all types.
  • Assistance with use of manufacturer co-op funds.
  • Thorough understanding of conventional and web-based marketing techniques.