Corporate Identity: The Whole is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts.

Many businesses and organizations use bits and pieces of what’s come to be called a corporate identity package. A logo. A business card. Maybe some letterhead with a passing design relationship to other materials past or present. But this fragmented approach never adds up to a memorable statement about what makes a company special.

Vision. Identity. Brand.

Your corporate identity materials should be strategically formulated, based on the vision you have for your business or organization. Every choice – colors, fonts, paper stock, and overall design – should reflect that vision.

An attorney, for example, would risk his or her credibility by using a cartoonish font and wild colors on business and marketing materials. Legal issues are serious matters, and people want a secure feeling of professionalism when hiring a law firm.

By contrast, a day care center needs to make a different kind of emotional connection with target prospects. While reliability and trustworthiness are still a priority, using somber, conservative designs can make parents question the creative stimulation their child is likely to receive. Here, festive colors and playful typefaces send the right message.

Branded Business Tools That Say All The Right Things.

Consistency is key in developing branded materials that reflect and reinforce your business’ character and personality. And brand identity doesn’t stop with a logo, business card and stationery. Every point of public contact, including websites, brochures, signage, invoices, etc. must present the same look and feel.

Whether you’re handing out one business card or doing a major mailing, the goal is to ensure that whenever people in your target market see your name, they instantly associate it with you and the brand perception you desire.

Every communication will then be more potent, as branding helps your organization occupy a special place in the minds of customers, clients and prospects. The final result will be a corporate identity that truly is more than the sum of its parts.

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