Corner Quality Leads With An HVAC Neighborhood Mail Campaign

As an HVAC dealer, being on homeowners’ radar screens as a trusted service provider is crucial to growing your business. While digital and social media platforms have earned their keep as new age marketing options, the direct mail postcard remains a powerful tool for getting attention and results.

Direct mail postcards are a model of efficiency for targeting a very specific audience and eliminating geographic waste. They continue to be a force to be reckoned with for advertising products and services and announcing promotions.

Postcard Power Plus Precision Targeting
To supercharge the power of this marketing medium even more, HVAC providers can utilize a Neighborhood Mailing Program. Its precision targeting and easy turnkey system gets your messages out the door and into the right hands fast.

The premise is simple, but true: The best place to find new customers is in the same neighborhoods as your existing ones. Neighborhood mailings, also known as radius mail, let HVAC dealers send timely, customized postcards to homeowners closest to current customers and recent projects.

Your Message Hits Home
From pre-season specials on A/C and heating system tune-ups to attractive manufacturer incentives on new equipment, you can feature any messaging you want to make a motivating connection with your target audience.

Each time you complete an installation or service project, a card can be mailed to 25 to 100 neighbors around your customer’s address. Those people have seen your trucks in their neighborhood and may have asked your customer about the benefits of using your company. That can motivated them to do business with you.

The HVAC Lead Generator That Delivers
The Neighborhood Mailing Program is a proven lead generator with potential customers who live near the people you already serve. And it’s equally effective in cutting customer acquisition costs. To learn how this comprehensive turnkey program can increase your direct mail ROI, call (954) 922-9395 to speak with an AdServices HVAC Marketing Consultant.


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