Content Marketing 101: Tips and Tactics for Creating Web Content That Converts

Content marketing has been a business buzz phrase for awhile, and for good reason. By creating quality content that is relevant to a target audience, your company can connect with prospects and convert them into loyal customers and advocates for your brand. Here are some golden rules that successful content marketers follow to grow their businesses organically.

Set a strategy. Before you dive into developing blog posts and articles, it’s important to establish a plan to guide your efforts. The strategy should include profiles of your ideal customers, including demographics and information about what they find most important. You should also plot out what formats you’ll use to reach your audience, how to best promote the material, and who will be responsible for writing it. For example, you might use blog posts, e-books, and infographics to educate your audience. These types can be promoted through multiple channels, including social media platforms.

Tell compelling stories. Marketing is no longer about the things you sell, but about the stories you tell. Instead of talking in sales speak, create content that conveys your unique qualities in a distinctive voice. Are you a friendly, hands-on family run business? An authoritative provider of industry expertise? A young company with innovative ideas? The tone of your material should reflect who you are as authentically as possible. When it comes to point of view, show your customers that you understand their needs and wants by providing information that will empower them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Create content around the questions your prospects ask most. What questions do your customers and prospects ask most often? This is a great place to begin brainstorming for new material. By answering the most common questions, you’ll not only add value for the reader, but you’ll improve search engine optimization (SEO). As prospects head online to ask, you’ll be right there to provide answers and solutions.

Optimize material for your readers. With the growing reliance on mobile technology, people rarely take time to sit still, let alone process 1,000 words or more of text. That’s why it’s vital to optimize content for the contemporary reader. Follow the best practices for each format when it comes to length and style. For instance, a typical blog post is between 300 and 500 words, while an e-book is longer and allows for further elaboration. If you want to grab the attention of an audience on the move, catchy headlines and engaging graphics are a plus. Bullet points and sub-headings can also help to make an article more digestible.

Effective content marketing can help build trust in your company by delivering valuable information and insights. The more you consistently educate, entertain, and empower your audience, the more likely you’ll earn their loyalty. Profitable conversions are sure to follow.