Congratulations On Your Engagement!* (*Or How To Get More Out Of Your Business’ Social Media Efforts)

The ability to connect via social media opens the door to enhanced communication, improved feedback, and valuable information for nurturing relationships. While having a presence on certain platforms is a good start, a lack of engagement can mean wasted time and missed opportunities. Try these techniques to build your online community.

Go Where The Target Audience Is. Your customers prefer some platforms over others. If they spend most of their time on Facebook, that’s the place to post. If they’re on Twitter, start tweeting. Take the time to tailor your message to the network in which you’re posting. You may have a Facebook Page and LinkedIn account, for example. While some content might cross over from one to the other, you will want to create specific material with a different style and tone for each. Facebook requires a more casual approach, while LinkedIn is more professional.

Show And Tell With Video. Video continues to prove its effectiveness as a versatile tool for engaging audiences, boosting visibility, and building brand credibility. YouTube has grown to become the second largest search engine, and having your own channel on it can be a big differentiator between you and the competition. The ways to use video as a promotional vehicle are numerous. Launching a new product? Create a video about it. Want to introduce your team on a more personal level? Video is the perfect medium. Tours of your facility, coverage of events, product demos, customer testimonials – the possibilities go on.

Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent. When posting and creating profiles on social media channels, it is always important to portray your brand consistently so audiences instantly recognize to whom they are talking. Let the fundamentals of branding be your guide. Your Facebook Page, Twitter account, web site, and blog should all have the same color palette, look, feel, and message.

Practice Good Give And Take. Engagement means being accessible, listening to feedback, acknowledging mistakes, answering questions and responding to comments. It’s the give and take of posting useful, relevant information and keeping lines of communication open to hear what’s on your customers’ minds. You can boost this natural process through a variety of strategies.  Contests, giveaways, polls, surveys and other requests for feedback are particularly useful for encouraging interaction.

There are many ways to engage productively, build relationships, and grow a following. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent effort and a focus on making connections that add value, your social media influence will continue to rise.