Building Customer Loyalty: The Magic of More

Remember the last time someone did more for you than expected?

Maybe you took your car in for a repair and they returned it freshly washed. Maybe the guy who cuts your lawn also trimmed that shrub growing through the fence. Maybe it was a cashier at the store asking how your day was going … and caring about the answer.

Whatever the situation, getting more than you expect feels good and can turn a forgettable experience into a memorable one.

As we strive to add value to customer relationships, we’re challenged to find opportunities to do more than we are asked.  How do we do that? It depends on the circumstances. Doing more can be:

  • Giving a free sample or a little extra helping of whatever you’re selling.
  • Sharing free tips and ideas to get the most out of a product or service.
  • Suggesting a resourceful, less costly option to solve a problem.
  • Offering to stay open a little later or provide free delivery to accommodate someone’s busy schedule.
  • Teaming up with a co-worker to make an tough deadline possible.
  • Going out of your way to make a referral that helps someone achieve a goal.
  • Taking extra time to make something simpler, easier or better.
  • Expressing personal interest in customers and asking them what’s new in their lives.

Consistently doing more is what will differentiate you from the competition and build customer loyalty. Rather than just complete a transaction or provide a service and move on, make it standard procedure to respond creatively to a request, go the extra mile to add value, and produce a wow experience in the process.

No matter how great or small the effort, doing more always takes customers by surprise and makes a big impression on them.

It’s a little like magic.

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