As You Were Saying … Using Internal Communication To Build A Tuned-In Team

It’s well known that a major key to any relationship is good communication. The same applies to business. Clear internal interactions are vital to employee morale, the completion of tasks, and positive customer experiences.

Communication among co-workers can be formal, such as emails, newsletters and meetings, or informal – the proverbial grapevine. Information passed casually often results in important details being lost. Done effectively, however, a proper exchange of ideas can eliminate confusion while providing a number of other benefits:

  • Increased productivity – When employees understand the importance of their roles within the company, morale improves. People take greater pride in their work and are more inclined to go the extra mile.
  • Teamwork – Information often trickles downhill, so managers all need to be in synch to properly lead. A clear, consistent message will ensure that employees gain an accurate understanding of company expectations and goals.
  • Smarter decision making – Well-informed staff members are better able to independently make decisions, reducing the need for micro-managing. This provides the organization’s leaders with more time to focus on other important projects.

Ways to facilitate and maintain effective company-wide communication include:

  • Employee engagement – Make a point to interact with your staff. Simple acknowledgements of completed tasks can make employees feel that they and their work truly matter.
  • Company Intranet – A company Intranet is an efficient, readily accessible two-way forum where employees can post thoughts and feedback. It can also be used to share procedural changes, events or accomplishments, and much more.
  • Staff Meetings – Scheduled staff meetings and other get-togethers allow employees to step outside their designated roles and offer perspective on a range of matters. This reinforces that they have a voice and their opinions are valued.

Communicating internally is just as important as connecting with clients. So talk to your team, get them tuned in to the right message, and make sure everyone is working in harmony.

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