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Gain New Traffic

PPC (Google)
Pay Per Click (PPC) is the dominant paid search program. Your online ads are strategically placed in front of the right audience using a variety of targeting methods. You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. Knowing what kinds of ads speak to people and draw the most interest is key to a successful PPC campaign. AdServices can create those ads.

Remarketing allows you to show banner display ads on the Internet to people who have previously visited your website. These individuals have expressed interest in your product or service and have been exposed to your brand. They may also have visited competitors’ sites or were in the early stages of the buying cycle and not ready to make a decision. A Remarketing campaign is an excellent marketing strategy for addressing all these situations.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Internet searches are a primary way that people find companies and do business. But the competition for top rankings is fierce. Good news – the Digital Team at AdServices can optimize and market your site for the best results. We help leverage your content and expertise to draw the right visitors to your site.

Content That Connects

Video Production
Videos create engagement with consumers and are highly recommended in any digital campaign effort. Our team can help keep people focused on your brand longer through the power of video. Here are some video marketing facts.

  • Consumers retain 95% of a message shared in a video.
  • Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019.
  • Websites with video capture 88% more user time.

Click Here to see our video about websites.

Local Listing & Reputation Monitoring
97% of consumers have used the Internet to find a local business in the last year. This means that you need your business not only listed on the Internet but listed accurately. The AdServices Local Listing Management and Online Reputation Monitoring program maintains and monitors important company information and reviews on Internet business directories and listings.

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
Click Here to see our video on Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

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