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“Like” It Or Not, Content Keeps Your Facebook Followers Caring and Sharing

In the time you take to read these few sentences, hundreds of new Facebook business Pages will be up and running. The problem is – unless those organizations have a built-in audience like big-boy brands Starbucks or Coke – they need to get creative about building a following with content that motivates people to care, share and come back for more. In Facebook terminology, people who wish to interact with a business Page are called…

Social Media Pledge

Stray Thoughts: Reflections From The Lighter Side Of AdServices I will use the power of social media to unite, enlighten and inspire people in search of greater meaning and purpose in life. I will also provide timely updates on when I’m getting my car washed, buying yogurt, growing facial hair, or thinking of throwing out old running shoes. I solemnly swear to keep everyone posted on pretty much everything that I think, say or do….