Monthly Archives : July 2009

Running Thoughts

I’ve been jogging all my life.  Let me rephrase that… I used to jog when I was in my twenties, then I stopped.  About a year ago I picked it up again, and I’ve been pretty consistent since.   Anyway, I love jogging.  Let me rephrase that… I hate jogging.  But I love how it makes me feel.   One of my problems with this sport was what to do with my brain while I…

Coffee Experience

Why do I still go to Starbucks every morning on the way to work? Because it makes me happy. The barista and counter server know my name and what I want when I walk in the door. I wouldn’t get that at a fast food restaurant or donut shop. It all comes back to value and the overall customer experience. It’s not a four dollar cup of coffee; it’s a way of thinking. That’s branding.