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Have A Productive Day! You’ll Get More Done With These Take-Charge Tips.

Your plate’s full and the demands on your time show no signs of dwindling. Setting priorities is a good start, but sometimes you need to make additional adjustments in the uphill fight to do what needs to be done. Here are seven tips that can keep you moving productively forward with less stress and more efficiency. Limit Access. Block off parts of your day or week as do not disturb zones where colleagues are told…

The Professional And Personal Rewards Of Mentoring

Mentoring is the learning relationship that occurs between an experienced employee (the mentor) and a less seasoned co-worker (the protégé). While mentoring situations certainly exist outside of organizations, we will focus on the workplace. A mentor’s responsibility is to guide, teach, and encourage. When assuming this critical role, keep the following tips in mind: Communicate your sincere desire to help the protégé develop professionally and personally. Earn trust in order to encourage open dialogue. Support…

Innovation Is Indispensable

Innovation is essential to an organization’s long term success. It leads to improved products or services, increased efficiency and additional profits. Managers must spearhead the development of an innovation initiative that helps all associates realize their importance in assuring the company’s continued development. In other words, a “business as usual” mentality stifles rather than strengthens the workplace.