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Perk Up Your Marketing With A Motion Graphics Video

With people spending more time than ever watching videos online, harnessing the power of motion graphics can be a simple, cost-effective tactic to capture their attention. By combining the storytelling appeal of motion, words and graphic design, you can bring key messages to life and add promotional punch to your marketing on the web, at presentations, on TV, and across social media channels. To drive click-throughs and boost your ROI, follow these best practices for…

As You Were Saying … Using Internal Communication To Build A Tuned-In Team

It’s well known that a major key to any relationship is good communication. The same applies to business. Clear internal interactions are vital to employee morale, the completion of tasks, and positive customer experiences. Communication among co-workers can be formal, such as emails, newsletters and meetings, or informal – the proverbial grapevine. Information passed casually often results in important details being lost. Done effectively, however, a proper exchange of ideas can eliminate confusion while providing…

Tapping Testimonials: The More Customers Talk, The Better You Sound.

Today’s marketers use numerous strategies and techniques for increasing advertising response rates, but none can replace that tried-and-true power tool of persuasion: customer testimonials. Real people speaking favorably about your product or service can have a potent influence on others who wouldn’t necessarily be receptive to a polished, calculated message crafted by a professional. If you haven’t taken the time lately to collect and incorporate customer testimonials into your marketing messages, consider the value-added benefits…

Effective Criticism Requires Skill, Not Knee-Jerk Reaction

Everyone needs feedback, but giving it effectively can be tricky, especially when the message is negative. Offering criticism properly can be immensely helpful, and providing it poorly can be counterproductive. Here are 12 guidelines to remember the next time you have to tell someone that he or she has done something wrong:

Dear Awesome: It’s Over

Stray Thoughts: Reflections From The Lighter Side Of AdServices What’s the deal with everyone saying “awesome” all the time? “This taco is awesome.” “The concert was awesome.” How was your vacation? “It was awesome.” I’ve got an awesome idea. Let’s use some other adjectives to describe our mind-blowing experiences, like “epic” or “chocolicious” or “wickedcrazygood.” I’ve always liked “monkey-riffic,” but that’s me. Alan Williamson Senior Copywriter AdServices Inc. AdServices.net

The Professional And Personal Rewards Of Mentoring

Mentoring is the learning relationship that occurs between an experienced employee (the mentor) and a less seasoned co-worker (the protégé). While mentoring situations certainly exist outside of organizations, we will focus on the workplace. A mentor’s responsibility is to guide, teach, and encourage. When assuming this critical role, keep the following tips in mind: Communicate your sincere desire to help the protégé develop professionally and personally. Earn trust in order to encourage open dialogue. Support…

Earn Your Client’s Business Every Day

Many of you may recall reading this article in the most recent AdServices newsletter. We have decided to feature it as our latest blog post, based on the importance of the topic. The loyalty and support of established clients ensure the continued success of the company to which they have entrusted their business. This principle is so obvious it is often overlooked. Our corporate responsibility therefore, is to safeguard the trust and confidence customers have…

Your Guide To Successful And Effective Business Presentations

You present to clients, supervisors and colleagues on a daily basis without even realizing it. Since you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say and to whom you’re saying it, you communicate clearly and confidently. In other words, you’re in control, which is the key to successful presentations, regardless of the size of your audience. Being in control of a presentation is easy, if these basic guidelines are followed.